Service & Maintenance

Market entry and success in supplying equipment and projects requires foresight and planning for the operational phase of delivering capital goods plants.

Convincing new clients that you are here for the long haul, and having a compelling story regarding the service, operation and maintenance of capital plants with 20+ years of operational life, is key to a successful market entry.

Ingenious Advisory has spearheaded many organisations into new markets in Asia, the Americas and Africa. For every new country, we have developed post-construction operation, service and maintenance capabilities that have been left behind and integrated into global support functions and spare parts supply chains.

We have also restructured and changed the business model for a whole country operation, from sales and construction to rebuilding the organisation as a pure play operations, service and maintenance business. We grew the business and its brand through a period of market meltdown, thus being able and ready to take on the market when it restarted.