Management Consulting

Mergers and acquisition, management buyouts, management transitions, interim management, crisis management and business turnaround are all tasks that require experience and a steady hand.

At Ingenious Advisory, we have experienced all of this and more, allowing us to gain valuable first-hand experience that can be shared.

Real-world experience for real world-businesses.

With over two decades of experience in senior management roles, we have led organisations and teams through ups and downs, thriving in the process through overcoming steep odds.

Our experience includes:

  • New market entrances.
  • Growing organisations from less than a handful to in excess of 400 people.
  • Structuring and managing multi-disciplinary cross-functional technical and commercial teams.
  • Taking on incumbent organisations and winning market share, going from insignificant entrants to market leaders – twice.
  • Profitable growth with 37 x ROI for parent company.
  • Fire-fighting troubled projects.
  • Turnaround of an entire country set-up of a company, in the process rescuing a pipeline of projects on the edge of catastrophe.
  • Business process re-engineering.
  • Management of segment processes to take a whole company from fast-growing on the run systems to a fully institutionalised construction company with globally integrated systems and processes.
  • Managing multicultural organisations and sensitivities.
  • 2 full-scale mergers of large global companies.
  • Post-M&A integration of competing local entities.
  • Demerging local entities post-acquisition.
  • Management of toxic client–supplier relationships.